About Us

HAART Oakland: Humanistic Care, Professional Expertise

Being addicted to heroin, painkillers or other opiates is a frightening experience; the loss of control and damage done to lives and relationships can seem insurmountable. At the HAART Oakland, we believe that every person has the potential to succeed and live a life free from the fear, dope sickness and cravings that rule the lives of the addicted. Our treatment uses positive regard for one another and mutual respect as cornerstones to help people shape stable, drug-free lives. We recognize that opiate dependency can also involve a complex combination of other addictions and mental health issues. Our approach brings together medical care with professional counseling to address all aspects of each individual’s opiate dependency.

A Leader in Opiate Dependency Treatment

With almost 40 years of history serving the Bay Area community, HAART Oakland has earned a reputation as a leader in the field of opiate dependency treatment. From heroin addiction to new issues arising in addiction to oxycontin and other painkillers, our approach has proven to be successful over the years by welcoming people wherever they are on their recovery journey and helping them toward health and happiness with both medical and psychological treatment approaches.

Qualified Professionals with a Common Goal

HAART Oakland brings together professional counseling with legal and medically supervised access to opiate replacement therapy in a manner that encourages self-regulation. Our shared goal is to positively impact the community by providing a safe and effective environment for people who are opiate involved and need assistance.

Fully Licensed, Client-Centered

HAART is a fully licensed non-profit clinic that operates under county, state, federal and The Joint Commission accreditation guidelines. You can access the HAART Notice of Privacy Practices 12.28.17.  We strive to create a safe, structured environment that offers a trustworthy, reliable path toward recovery and health for individuals struggling with heroin addiction or opiate abuse. As a harm-reduction clinic, we don’t expect clients to stop using immediately. Rather, we work to reduce harm (both to self and others). Every step that reduces harm is a step toward health and wellbeing—and recovery.

Are you or is someone you care about in the Oakland, California area living with a heroin addiction or addiction to pain medications? There is hope and help at HAART Oakland. Call today to make the first steps toward health and a better life.